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- The Start of a New Year - 
The Perfect Time to Perform an Ethical Environment Audit

Ethical Corporate Decision Making

Are day-to-day operational decisions being made in your organization without an evaluation and understanding of ethical ramifications? 

Is your organization, with the best of intentions, making policy decisions that develop incentives for individuals to engage in ethically questionable activities? 

Very few organizations set out to be unethical.  But still, companies as diverse as Loblaw's and Apple have recently been caught supporting or perceived to be supporting unethical business activities.   

An Ethical Environment Audit can help to identify risks before they result in damaging ethical breaches.  It goes beyond the "Code of Ethics" and "Code of Conduct" to explore the personal, cultural and business factors that may be increasing the risk that the organization will engage in public and expensive unethical behavior.  It is an efficient and effective way to reduce corporate risk and enhance ethical awareness and behavior.

Tyra's new article "Ethical Environment Audits Reduce Corporate Risk" looks at how Ethical Environment Audits reduce the corporate risk of an ethics breach.  It discusses the seven areas that need to be evaluated to understand and manage ethical risk in an organization.

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Why Projects Fail?

Organizations Don't Make Decisions, People Do



In this YouTube video we tackle the topic of why projects fail.  Frank looks back on a career's worth of experience to draw some insightful conclusions. 


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