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What's New

The Hidden Hierarchy

At Tyra we continue to add capacity to help organizations improve the quality of their decision making.

  • All of the course modules for the new Strategic Project Management Course are now available to registered users. Go here to view the course details.

  • We are enhancing the project management course with a new workbook that will make it very easy for course participants to test their understanding of the materials and to apply course learnings to their specific situation.  It will be particularly valuable as a guide and checklist for project managers that are just planning and setting up a new project.

  • Next on the list is the new "A Practical Guide:  Good Governance in the 21st Century" online course.  While this course provides excellent information stand-alone, it is a powerful companion resource for the Tyra Governance Workshop.  The full course should be available for general consumption in early January.

  • Beyond the addition of new courses and course materials we are deep into planning for the next workshop offering.  This new one day workshop will focus on ethical decision making.  Recent research has suggested that ethical performance of individuals improves when they develop an awareness of how people make ethical decisions and why normally ethical people can make unethical decisions.  Like all Tyra workshops this workshop will focus on providing the understanding and then applying it to directly improve the organization's performance.

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Meet the Team

At Tyra we believe in delivering expertise directly from the specialists in an area of practice.  As a group of highly experienced and trained specialists in the field of decision making, enabling organizational excellence through behavioural alignment, good governance and  optimized solution delivery we work directly with our clients to improve business outcomes.

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Organizations Don't Make Decisions, People Do

What is the most effective way to deliver real business value through project delivery? Project management has traditionally focused on strict scope and budget controls. This has lead to a reduction in cost and schedule overruns but at the price of increased overhead and, often, reduced delivery of value.



The short (8 minute) mini-course, "Improve Decision Making to Improve Project Success" explores this topic and looks at the research that has been gathered around why projects fail to deliver expected business value.  It then looks at how this information can be applied to improving project success in an organization.

View it here.

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Tyra Online

Tyra Online is our new interactive web training site that is focused on providing business expertise to all business areas affected by decision making.

Tyra Online can be accessed here or through our main Tyra website.


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