Getting To Bad Business Outcomes

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Getting To Bad Business Outcomes

The Hidden Hierarchy

​"Decision space" describes the room that you, as a decision maker, have to choose a course of action when making a decision.  Bad decisions, or more correctly less optimal decisions, tend to reduce decision space and limit you and your company's ability to make good decisions in the future.

Sometimes it can take years of sub-optimal decision-making before a negative decision spiral becomes apparent.  Often everything seems fine until one large decision exposes an organization's poor decision-making culture.


Tyra's new article "Getting to Bad Business Outcomes" looks at Sears Canada and explores how they turned a large business advantage into failure.

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Organizations Don't Make Decisions, People Do

Are the decisions that an organization makes just the sum of the decisions that the people within the organization make or is there more going on?


The short (9 minute) mini-course, "Organizations Don't Make Decisions - People Do" explores this topic and looks at the research that has been gathered around this question.  It then looks at how this information can be applied to improving decision quality in an organization.

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