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Engaging the Organization


Projects fail all the time. Researchers McKinsey and Company identified that one indication of the pattern of failure is that 56% of projects deliver less value than predicted.


Tyra’s Strategic Project Management Workshop, is a one-day workshop that is led by highly experienced specialists in project management and the delivery of successful projects. They engage your team through discussion and exploration, to provide the knowledge and motivation to improve project design, setup, execution, and close-out. Your project team will deliver a better business outcome with reduced conflict and disruption.

A morning of education and an afternoon of discovery and application lead attendees to identify the steps required to create a project environment that is set up for success and delivery of the project mandate.

The Strategic Project Management Workshop moves beyond evaluation to the creation of an effective, executable action plan that will set your team up for success.

Unlike other companies that offer project management training, Tyra focuses on preparing the project environment to allow smooth execution. The workshop offers an approach that is effective no matter what project management methodology is utilized. It gives your team the skill to create a good project environment and then execute within that environment to deliver real business value.

Strategic Project Management Topics

• Measuring and Creating Business Value

What is business value, how do we measure it and how do we deliver it?

The Project Life-cycle
The Impact of Decision Making Ability on Project Success
Evaluating the Business Environment
Evaluating the Corporate Environment
Establishing Expectations
Changing the Business Environment or Culture
Building Project Infrastructure
Managing Expectations
Executing the Plan
Scope Management
Risk Management
Closing the Project