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Strategic Project Audit

Projects can fail for many reasons and many deliver less value than predicted.  Project postmortems that occur after a project fails may identify why the project failed but happen too late to deliver the project's anticipated value.

The Strategic Project Audit can be used to get to the real root cause of a project's failure but can also be used to test an active project to determine risk.  In a rapid but complete analysis, it looks deeply at all of the factors affecting the project's design, setup, and execution to provide actionable information.  Information that can be used to reduce project risk and enhance the potential for delivery of all anticipated business value.

Using custom engagements that combine our tools, methods, and knowledge, with your organization's unique internal expertise we quickly engage with your team to evaluate the project's environment, people, preparation, and business goals to identify weaknesses and risks before they act to derail the project.

Projects should be evaluated after completion.  But, while lessons learned are important, it is more important to know that a project is optimized to deliver success.  The Strategic Project Audit is a customized program that can rapidly and effectively evaluate a project, enabling it to be optimized to deliver full business value.