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Enabling the Organization


Strategic Direction Analysis

Every organization has issues and challenges that impact success. The Strategic Direction Analysis provides a customized program to deliver fully considered and executable strategic action plans. Tyra focuses on quick, efficient engagements that produce enduring solutions. 

Using custom engagements that combine our tools, methods, and knowledge, with your organization's unique internal expertise we quickly engage your team to create well-considered action plans that will achieve real results and avoid unintended consequences.  The focus is on engaging the right people in your organization to undertake a decision process that optimizes decision-making to identify the most effective strategy to achieve positive business outcomes.  We use auditable processes that help your team make the best strategic decisions, develop an effective action plan and monitor execution.

Strategic decision-making should not be a "side of desk" undertaking.  The Strategic Direction Analysis is a customized program that rapidly and effectively enables and optimizes your organization's strategic direction.