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Ethical Environment Audit

What is the cost of an ethical breach in an organization?  Sometimes it can be millions of dollars and a compromised reputation but often the effects are far more subtle.  Most organizations and most people in organizations don't set out to be unethical.  Unethical behavior is often the unintended outcome of business drivers, performance motivation, and corporate policy.  It is often enabled by corporate culture, cognitive biases, and intracompany group dynamics.  While a code of conduct and a code of ethics are important enforcement tools that punish unethical behavior the Ethical Environment Audit is an important tool to reduce the potential for unethical behavior from occurring.

The Ethical Environment Audit does not look for ethical breaches.  It evaluates the organization's environment to identify ethical risk.  It provides the information needed to support tuning of the corporate environment to enable individual ethical decision making and reduce the risk of a damaging ethical breach.

An ethical breach, even if it is caught through a violation of a code of conduct, is a business failure.  It is action taken after the damage has occurred.  An Ethical Environment Audit allows proactive management of ethical risks.  It allows management to identify factors that may drive or lead to unethical behavior and provides the information needed to proactively create an organization that acts ethically.