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Fast and Effective Decision Tools


At work, all of us, every day, make a myriad of decisions that impact the operations of the organization.  Most of these decisions are made based on experience and usually have a limited impact.  A bad decision can be corrected, learned from and improved on the next time.

There are, however, a few decisions that have long term implications.  They have intended consequences but also the potential for unintended consequences.  The work, objectives and goals of other groups and individuals in the organization might be positively or negatively impacted.  It’s important to get it right but what is “right” may not be obvious.  Complicating matters, decisions of this sort are often time critical.  There is often a need to select a potentially controversial course of action with limited and incomplete information.

This is where Tyra’s Context Analysis adds value.  It surfaces, clarifies and organizes the complete context relating to a business question.  It illuminates what you know and, importantly, helps identify what is not known.  It provides confidence that the critical information is available while providing clarity on risks and opportunities.  It helps break through preconceived notions to get to the perspective that provides the best decision.  It illuminates the process that will need to be undertaken to gain acceptance anmd implement the decision.  The result is an understanding of the right answer combined with knowledge of the best way to move forward. 

Tyra's Blitz process is a tool that can be used independently or combined with Context Analysis.  It brings together the right people in intense, structured engagements to effectively explore and solve complex business issues.


A Good Decision Is:

Aligned with Corporate Strategy

To provide long term value and avoid unintended consequences, good decisions must be aligned with corporate strategy.

A Balance of Risks and Benefits
Communicated and Defensible