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Enabling the Organization


Every organization has projects that are underperforming, policy options that need optimizing and strategic initiatives that require buy-in. Using Tyra’s custom tools, we help you quickly and efficiently solve these and other difficult problems.

Tyra combines their unique tools with an understanding of how decision making works to help your organization address a specific issue or improve overall decision making.  The impacts of poor decision making, whether they are in lost opportunities, poor execution, increased risk or higher costs can grow to create a vicious downward cycle that eventual will cause the organization to underperform and potentially fail.

To improve decision making and decision outcomes your organization needs approaches that can’t be found through short-term thinking and business as usual. We work through and enable your internal expertise to overcome biases and cultural limitations to make good decisions that support your organization's critical business outcomes.

Tyra undertakes custom engagements, using proven tools, to address your organization’s specific needs.  We help improve decision making, address strategic and persistent problems, help you create practical strategic roadmaps and build adaptive governance structures.  We use auditable processes that help you identify the best decision as well as the best action plan.

At Tyra, we have extensive experience in building consensus, enabling innovation, addressing controversial issues, creating strategies and optimizing investment. This expertise enhances a company's business processes, resulting in optimized, business-focused planning, design, and implementation. Our tools and methods are tested, scale to your needs, add value at each step and delivers sustainable solutions that fit your organization.