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Improving Decision Making

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Our Mission

Twenty-some years ago, Tyra was built as a consulting company focused on geospatial strategies and information systems. Our clients were energy companies and utilities. The focus was on making sense of the mountains of data those organizations produced every day and distributing it to enable business activities. We developed strategies and designed solutions that supported the whole company, from the corporate boardroom to GIS professionals.

Today, we are focused on improving corporate decision making to enable the organization. 

Experience taught us that good decision-making makes the difference between success and failure in all business endeavors and the quality of decision making varies widely within and between organizations.  It was clear that we could provide real value if we could help organizations improve the quality of their decision making.  To do that we have focused on understanding and applying the behavioral science that underpins individual and corporate decision making.

Our mission is to supply a full range of decision-making tools and techniques that can be combined as needed to meet the specific needs of an organization.   Added to that is training that is implemented thourgh our TyraOnline training site.  It provides free and paid training to improve decision making and the application of decision processes in various business practice areas.

Our focus and clientele have expanded beyond implementation of technology to include human resources, corporate strategy, and project delivery.  You can engage with us through this website, through online training at TyraOnline, and through workshops and custom consultation. 

Our Specialists

Glenn Krahulic

Glenn Krahulic

Glenn is a founder and president of Tyra.

Glenn started his career helping organizations integrate critical geographically based information into business systems.  In that role he was part of many large projects that strove to take the information base available in mapping and engineering departments and make it available to the entire enterprise.  Many of these projects were successful but a number failed to meet expectations.

Exploring why some projects were extremely successful while others were never able to achieve their potential led to the understanding that at the base of all successes in companies is good quality decision making practices.  His passion now is helping companies improve business culture, group dynamics, and business practices to improve decision making. 

Glenn is a collaborator and producer on many of Tyra’s workshops and online courses.  His experience and explorations relating to the science of decision-making are helping to define Tyra’s commitment to providing real value to organizations by helping them improve business decision-making and achieve business success.

Frank Letniowski

Frank Letniowski

Frank possesses Masters and Bachelors Degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science and is a certified Project Management Professional.   These varied interests triggered a career of over 20 years’ managing and delivering small and large projects in large corporate environments.  He finds the challenge of new ideas used to deliver business value to be the driving focus for his interest in designing, starting, and managing projects.

In his long career, Frank has had the chance to witness projects that were a success and projects that ran into serious difficultly.  This experience has led him to a philosophy that regards “on time” and “on budget” as great and necessary measures, but not the full determination of project success.  Other things are more important when talking about the “best" and most successful projects. This broad thinking has made him the obvious choice to manage important, complex, ambiguous, and game-changing projects that have been a recent focus of his career.

Frank is a key contributor to the new “Strategic Project Management” course and workshop, sharing his experience to help people plan, create, and execute strong, successful projects that drive real business value.   He simplifies complex project management topics and provides real and actionable approaches that can easily be applied to increase project management success.

Peter Walters

Peter Walters

Peter spent nearly 35 years in the BC Public Service, many of them as an Assistant Deputy Minister in the Indigenous relations, natural resource and tourism ministries.  He now focuses his efforts on applying that experience to improve how people and organizations work.

As a leader in the public service, Peter recognized the patterns and traps that led to confusion, conflicts, and lost productivity as people tried to share information, and make decisions.

Using those insights, he now leads workshops on decision-making, leadership, and governance with groups as diverse as governments, corporations, and First Nations.

Peter is a lead collaborator in Tyra’s “Decision Mastery Workshop”, “Decision Mastery Course” and the new workshop “A Practical Guide:  Good Governance in the 21st Century”.  He also co-produced many of Tyra’s free Mini-Courses.  In all of these endeavours, his extensive experience provides realistic and practical guidance to help organizations improve business decisions and business outcomes.