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We Know How People Work ...

Tyra is about improving decision making.  We combine years of practical experience and real expertise with an understanding of the science and theory of decision making to give organizations the ability to improve business outcomes.  We address real business problems related to ethics, project management and corporate governance by providing your people with core knowledge, tools and approaches that deliver durable solutions that focus on improving the work environment while optimizing business outcomes.

Recognizing that there are no cookie-cutter solutions to the complex problems organizations face today, we deliver targeted workshops, online training courses and customized programs that can be tuned to meet the unique and specific needs of your organization.

Our mandate is to help you use improved decision-making practices and processes to improve the corporate work environment while delivering solutions that deliver high quality business outcomes.

Practical Application of Behavioral Science...

Tyra’s behavioural science based practical expertise, training, and tools help your people break through cultural and cognitive biases to build auditable decisions. Where group consensus is required Tyra engages with processes that are designed to reduce and control group dynamics to allow the best decision and action plans to emerge.  We combine business knowledge with behavioral science to enable your organization to improve business outcomes.

...Leading to Focused and Achievable Actions

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Interactive Workshops

Interactive, Educational, Practical Workshops

Increase Skills and Team Alignment.

Organizational Diagnostics

Customized, Efficient and Effective Action Planning

Address and Solve Business Challenges.  Find and Exploit Business Opportunities.

Online Training

Interesting, Timely and Useful Online Courses

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What's New?

Industry News

The Ethical Environment Auditis now available to help organizations manage ethical risk. 


This Harvard Business Review paper explores the governance issue of how to decide how and where to decentralize decision making.

Tyra now has a YouTube channel.  Here we will take a look at decision making in an informal but informational manner.  You can listen to experts discuss timely and critical aspects of


About Us

About Us

Tyra has been providing solutions to utilities, government, and resource companies for more than 20 years.  We help organizations identify, plan and integrate technical solutions with business processes and practices to effectively achieve desired business outcomes.  Outcomes that work today while positioning the organization for the future.

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